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Yoga for Health and Resilience: A 10-Week Therapeutic Series with Chris
This series consists of ten 90-minute yoga sessions based on a therapeutic protocol developed by YogaX’s Chris Brems (cf., Brems, 2015). Each session has a specific philosophical focus, intention, commensurate physical practice, breathing focus, and meditation. The 10 sessions build upon one another. Preregistration is required. The 10 sessions are as follows:

1. Layers of self, mindfulness, upright standing poses, diaphragmatic breath, body scan
2. Ethical lifestyles, connection to self and others, sun salutations, ocean-sounding breath, meditation on connection
3. Purposeful living, balance to find the middle way, standing balancing poses, balanced breath, meditation to raise awareness of opposing forces coming into balance
4. Gunas, stability and calm abiding, core strengtheners, nadi shodhana, meditation of finding sattva in each kosha
5. Kleshas, awareness and non-grasping, twists, sama vritti with retention at top of breath, name awareness meditation
6. Vrittis, gaining insight and understanding, forward folds#1, viloma breathing, guided imagery for a place of safety
7. Mind states, single-focused concentration, forward folds#2, three-part breath, mind state meditation (mountain stream)
8. Karma, open-heartedness and purpose, backbends#1, sama vritti with breath retention at bottom of breath, white light heart-opening meditation
9. Brahma viharas, open-hearted union, backbends#2, sama vritti with breath retention top and bottom, meditation on the brahma viharas
10. The eight limbs of yoga, right living revealed, integrated practice, connection breath, tree of yoga imagery meditation

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Apr 30, 2021 04:00 PM
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