Starting a Course from Scratch - Shared screen with speaker view
Kenzo Ichimura
For some reason my camera cannot be turned on… I'm a MD/PhD from Japan also trying to work in academia in the US. Very few experience in actually learning how to “teach" so very looking forward to your lecture!
Adrienne Mueller (she/her)
Thanks Kenzo! If folks could type in the chat what career stage you're at and when you think you'll be teaching in the future, that would be awesome!
Alex Wilson
I'm a 3/4th year Postdoc in Radiology, currently looking for faculty positions, so ideally starting to teach in the next year or 2
Gloriana Trujillo
If you have follow-up questions about CTL please feel free to reach out to me at gloriana@stanford.edu
Gloriana Trujillo
Quick response: look into Universal Design for Learning to get ideas about how to address this question