SOM Salary over-the-cap Presentation - Shared screen with speaker view
nancy lonhart
When you create your budget for the sponsor, you will use step 1 (with respect to a 100% effort). That is to say, that the faculty is committing 10% effort to the project.
Matthew J Bucher
Q: If Base is B+V+Others, should we add those details to the document to minimize confusion?
Christine Bailey
It's really small
nancy lonhart
A: Matt Bucher--when you prepare the sal over cap spreadsheet, you can identify B+V+A in separate cells, just be sure that the cell that contains the total is the cell that is tied to the formula. Happy to discuss further. As for needing information for internal budget and for RPM, no need to spell out the B+V+A values. The total salary is all you need to specify.
nancy lonhart
Hi Matt, this is Nancy. Were you able to see my comment to you?
mila dacorro
The salary over the cap worksheet is use by other school. The other school (H&S, Engineering, etc)has a different definition on supplement
Matthew J Bucher
Hey Nancy. No. I did not see your comments
nancy lonhart
Hi Matt. B+V+A = full salary to be used when creating budget. So, if you wish to identify each component, you can certainly do so, (for example on the sal over the cap worksheet) just be sure that total salary cell is pulling the full amount of B+V+A. For any of your other documents (to sponsor, for example, you needn't spell out. Sponsor is only interested in full salary, not the details of each component. Happy to discuss further if I haven't answered your question completely.
nancy lonhart
you can always email me as well. nlonhart@stanford.edu
permsuk lamprasitipon
Thank you Donna! This is very helpful
Matthew J Bucher
Isn’t this our internal document? What about the other components on the salary letter, like DIV Chief role. Are those included?
Sydney Gee
Thank you!
Matthew J Bucher
I can email you, but I know that some are confused. TTYL
nancy lonhart
div chief role is an admin sup so yes, you include in your B+V+A