Travel Card (T-Card) Training - Shared screen with speaker view
elizabeth trokey
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bernadette garcia rodriguez
Definition:Stanford University rostered faculty, staff, post docs and students assigned or deployed to SLAC to perform work or research for SLAC. May supervise SLAC staff. Require office space but are not on SLAC’s payroll. Paid through Stanford funds transfer. Point of Contact (POC) must be an active SLAC/SU employee and is responsible for assigning training requirements, advising HR Records/initiate terminate in PS when staff appointment is ending and collecting any assigned SLAC property, including the SLAC ID badge.The system expected end date must be reviewed and approved by the SLAC point of contact every 2 years.Eligible for Badge/ Site Access:YesEligible for Accounts:YesUFVA Requirements:DOE FACTS Questionnaire required prior to SID# issuance.Sensitive Foreign National accessing Property Protection Areas and T-3 Foreign Nationals require prior FACTS entry and DOE approval.