Beyond IID in Information Theory 8 - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 8/12
Ajit Iqbal Singh
seeing x log so often makes me tell a result b Vitali Milman and H. Koenig about ten years ago , on Leibniz rule..apart from drrivative for real differentiable functions, the other (along with combinations) solution for general functions is f going to g given by g()=f(x) log mod f(x)….
Ajit Iqbal Singh
sort of non-linear derivations
Marius Junge
Is the chain rule in the original form true if F is channel which commutes with E and EF=F?
Ajit Iqbal Singh
wonderful talk
Siddhartha Das
Thanks Kun. We do make use of your results to improve private capacity of bidirectional channels (2-input, 2-output channel with two users), which also translates to bounds for class of MDI-QKD setup.
Ajit Iqbal Singh
Do you have kind of Leibniz rule?