Travel Card (T-Card) Training - Shared screen with speaker view
elizabeth trokey
Good morning! Thank you for joining us today. Your attendance is being recorded and will be provided to your Directorate's Business Manager.
elizabeth trokey
Please use the Q&A Function to ask questions. They'll be answered live at the end of the presentation.
elizabeth trokey
A zoom recording of our Q&A session and our presentation deck will be available on our events page under the Historical section: https://travel.slac.stanford.edu/pre-trip-checklist/upcoming-trainings .
Axel Brachmann
If I use he card once a year for a business trip, I still have to check at least every 60 days for mischarges or fraudulent activity or do I get a report/statement/notice of carges from JPMC?
elizabeth trokey
Travel that is partially paid by a third party - When travel expenses for SLAC are shared by SLAC and one or more external organizations, even if only a minority of the travel expenses are sponsored by SLAC, the trip is considered split. Split travel must be purchased through a SLAC booking channel. SLAC T-cards cannot be used to purchase split travel. SLAC will reimburse for the appropriate portion of the necessary travel expenses. The expenses must be outlined clearly in the expense report submission.
elizabeth trokey
Travel that is fully paid by a third party - SLAC resources may not be used to book, purchase or reimburse expenses for fully externally-sponsored travel. The use of the SLAC T-card is prohibited, and travel arrangements may not be booked via SLAC booking channels. Travel that is not funded by DOE but involves presentations/ SLAC scientific publications must be reported to the SLAC Office of Scientific and Technical Information.
elizabeth trokey
Joseph Harkins
How do I get credit for attending this class?How long does it take once I have submitted my application?What is the SLAC Travel Office address to be included in the T-card application?If a trip is both business and personal travel is this considered “split travel”?
elizabeth trokey
elizabeth trokey