Engineering the Daily Meal: Women, Food, and Techno-Politics in Rural Mali - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Hubbard
Warm welcome to all! As you listen and get ready to engage with questions, I wanted to let you know that we will we be taking raised hands through the hand raise function. We will call on you to unmute and share. Note that we may not call on each person in the exact order hands have been raised as a diversity of voices including graduate and undergraduate voices are encouraged and invited. If you prefer to have your question read by Gloria or myself, feel free to drop your question in the chat. Lots of week 8 support to each and every one!
liz jacob (she/her)
Thank you for this fascinating talk, Dr. Twagira. I have a question about culinary expertise. You highlight tensions between older and younger generations of women with regard to the use of new cooking pots. Do you see these tensions reflected in the reception of the food itself? Did eaters prefer food cooked according to the old or new ways? Is there any nostalgia for the older style of calabash cooking? (I’m thinking about contemporary Euro-American debates between fast food and homemade)
Karishma Bhagani
Thank you so much for this wonderful conversation, Dr. Twagira. I am curious to learn more about the embodied actions of women in agriculture and food and its connection to some of the debates of eco-poetics and humans as “agents of change” in the conversation about climate change?
Gabrielle Hecht (she/elle/ella)
On Maggi cubes: a student once observed in a class that Maggi cubes were a “technology of congealed labor” - and that the flavors of this congealment varied by region (something I’ve observed empirically).
Laura Hubbard
Gabrielle Hecht (she/elle/ella)
hi Laura, I’m sorry I’m not in a position to turn on the AV but I’m very much enjoying and valuing this.
liz jacob (she/her)
I have to run, but thank you for this rich talk, Dr. Twagira! It was a pleasure to learn more about your work, and I’m eager to read the book!
liz jacob (she/her)
Kathleen Sheldon
Just wanted to thank you for this great talk, so many interesting aspects to looking at women's work in rural African history! I've got your book - it is on my stack of books to read!
Gabrielle Hecht (she/elle/ella)
It’s a fantastic book! Thank you, Laura Ann, for a great talk and engagement!!
Joel Marie Cabrita (she/her/hers)
thank you for this fascinating talk!
Trina's iphone
Wonderful work Laura! Looking forward to reading the book.
Laura Smelter
Brilliant! thank you.