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Laura Wentworth
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sean reardon
apoligies for my audio -- i'm not sure what's wrong.but i would echo prudence and rucker:in the 1960s and 1970s, there were a number of southern districts that had high residential segregation, but schools were relatively desegregated. prof. johnson's work shows that desegregation led to much better long-term outcomes for black students who attended desegregated schools -- even in conditions of high residential segregation.
Laura Wentworth
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sean reardon
agree: teachers are key; culture of integration (as prudence and rucker have argued).
sean reardon
but we also need to work to develop a community understanding of education as a public good, one of the goals of which is equality of opportunity. when all families see themselves as part of this collective enterprise, then integration is much more possible, and all students have more opportunity to become constructive members of a diverse democracy.
Gary Yee
What elements would you like to see in a student assignment policy? What are the intermediate steps for a district which is bifurcated likie Sean suggests?
Laura Wentworth
Laura Wentworth
Survey link for feedback: http://bit.ly/SF-OAK-input
Laura Wentworth
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