On Kugel and Frijoles w/ Laura Limonic and Ilan Stavans - Shared screen with speaker view
K. Kevyne Baar
This is a fascinating discussion. A comment on New York City as a Jewish city: I moved to NYC in 1968 and was amazed to find that many companies included the major Jewish holidays as holidays for everyone so I guess the idea that all New Yorkers were Jewish was true. However, as time passed, the make-up of the city began to change (new non Jewish immigration and the like) and with that the holidays. We now have “personal days” which replaced (but still allowed for) those same Jewish holidays. For me, it feels very different and a lot less Jewish.
Alan Burnett Valverde
What happens when Latin American Jews become immersed in US university discourse? Does it tend to influence their political perspectives? Religiosity?
Juli Nalerio (she/her)
got it
Juli Nalerio (she/her)
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Héctor Hoyos
I’ll turn off my camera for a moment as I have a bite before my 1:30 meeting—kosher tacos? I wish!
Juli Nalerio (she/her)
Yes, it’s time for the merienda here too. !!!🙂eat calmly Héctor
Shaina Hammerman
Thank you, everyone, for this illuminating discussion!