Dr. Robert Glaesar Lecture - Shared screen with speaker view
sandra vergara
Beside usual strategies (like detergents) to avoid water-air interface, is the incubation time before plunging, or blotting time something something to consider to reduce air-water problema?
Won't fuctionalized support films hold the protein in a specific orientation, eliminating the ability to collect data from a portion of the molecule?
sandra vergara
I had this complex ~200kDa and I always have a high meniscus that makes a white ring near the edge of the hole and super thick in the center, with particles concentrating through the center, regardless of concentration. Then I used Au foil grids and meniscus almost disappeared and particles dispersed. And then I saw a similar phenomenon in another sample. Is this something common with gold grids?
sandra vergara
and any strategy to reduce the reverse meniscus?