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Daniele Fanelli
I vote for evolution
John Ioannidis
I can take both evolution and revolution
Daniele Fanelli
punctuated equilibria?
Mario Malicki
Just a slight comment, if we look at the number of papers on COVID - and the number of drugs/vaccines on COVID - we know that the number of papers vs drugs is not a good indicator of anything - as many papers deal with non-drug issues, and some cover influence on peer review, mental health, scholarly productivity, social media, case reports ... and have nothing to do with drug development - without counting only papers related to "drug development" this seems a wrong approach
Paul Blazey
Q. for Amy. Did you also measure the lag between publication and policy citation (same as for patent inclusion)
Mario Malicki
If the purpose was grant prediction? Would the model then rather need to check grant applications and not publications?