12/08/21: Faculty Panel – Reconnecting to the Classroom: 2:00 - 3:00 pm - Shared screen with speaker view
mike harmon
Can you repeat the names of those two outside spaces that can be reserved?
Alison Brauneis
@Mike - Dikla mentioned two outdoor places behind Bass that can be booked in MARRS. They are the ‘Campus Dr Grove’ and ‘Campus Dr Lawn’. There are multiple sub-spaces in each of those places.
mike harmon
diane lee (she/her)
we should add photos to the name cards!
Matt Abrahams
Great idea Diane!
Russell Siegelman
What is the "excused/unexcused absence" system that Dikla just mentioned? I am not aware of this
diane lee (she/her)
Ask your FA to print profile cards for you, if you are not already!
Mohsen Bayati
What do we need to do to use the mentioned school's process on excused/unexcused absences? (are there instructions on this)? Also, are there examples of course policy forms containing relevant verbiage on how to refer to this?
Alison Brauneis
@Russell - a new absence reporting tool was piloted this Autumn Quarter. All absences are reported by submitting a GSB Absence Report (link: http://gsbabsence.stanford.edu/), and each report will be reviewed and determined whether it is excused or unexcused. Paul Oyer’s latest email mentioned that more information about the tool will be sent to winter quarter instructors as the quarter begins.
Mohsen Bayati
Thank you Alison, answered my questions!
Alison Brauneis
@Mohsen - great! You can also check out the course policy form for more information on describing these policies to students: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mcUUCOkI1xa0Njnw6xek1C2F2pmavm5B/export?format=doc
Russell Siegelman
I have a question about using the chat feature in the classroom
mike harmon
A lot of guests last year liked that they didnt have to travel to class. Have you incorporated guest visits via zoom into the live classroom and how has that worked?
Russell Siegelman
I would also like to ask Jungho how he gets his students to show their quantitative work in front of the class
Mohsen Bayati
I arrived late to this meeting, so you may have answered this before. My question is, if I record lectures and make available on Canvas (or use zoom live streaming), I am worried that it would lead to more students wanting to miss classes due to "sickness". Any experience/advice on this?
diane lee (she/her)
@Mohsen your FA can assist you with releasing recordings to just a specified set of students, e.g. those with excused absences. You do not need to make the recordings available by default to everyone
Alison Brauneis
As we finish up, feel free to see our teaching resources on our website: https://tlhub.stanford.edu/teaching-resources/.
Alison Brauneis
In addition, we would appreciate hearing your feedback on today’s session before you leave: http://tiny.cc/Dec8FacultyPanel
Alison Brauneis
Thank you all for coming today! Thank you panelists for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us!
grace lyo
thank you!!!