Women at War Conversation with artist Alevtina Kakhidze - Shared screen with speaker view
Adrienne Jamieson
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Nicole Penn
To what extent is it fair to characterize the war in Ukraine as a war Russia is waging against *both* feminism and the family?
millicent young
I love what you are saying - I’ve been thinking about gardens in war zones and how the land, the trees and animals, the streams become ravaged by war - and how too they can survive, heal. For you how are acts of gardening also acts of personal resilience.
Nicole Penn
Thank you for your thoughtful response - and your magnificent and moving artwork!
Patricia Cronin (she/her)
This exhibition has been so well received in the U.S., the artistry, the concepts. It's been wonderful for American audiences to learn about these artists and their work. And yes, empathy and solidarity with Ukrainians. Question: How is the show perceived in Ukraine? Do people know about it and what great “soft diplomacy” you are doing here. Thank you for this presentation and your new drawings!
Ilona Sochynsky
Do your drawings help you process and understand the carnage that is going on in Ukraine?
Constance Uzwyshyn
Thank you…insightful and compassionate!
millicent young
Thank you all so very much
Zoeann Murphy
Thank you so much