Climate Health Equity Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara Erny
Companies and Accreditation groups push disposable instruments/equipment claiming they decrease infection rates. Most of the time they have no studies to back this up, and then the onus is on us to prove otherwise.
melissa frick
Barbara Erny
Australia has a much better recycling program for hospital plastic. Check out this short and cute YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlZIltuteaw
Barbara Erny
Don't forget about food waste, which generates 9%of US greenhouse gases. Composting is key to get throughout our medical system
claire baniel
Absolutely agree- I love these resources and important topics.
Yeuen Kim
That is so interesting @Barbara Erny and @John Chan; great idea to “compete” to be less wasteful
Jessie Ge
@John/Melissa one of the urology attendings Tim Chang is looking into decreasing waste and time in our water cases (lots and lots of single-use items and we don't have a robust way of optimizing that list to minimize waste). I'll reach out and see how it's going and see if we can connect!
melissa frick
YES! that seems like a perfect application of a waste audit, problem analysis, and intervention.
paige wolstencroft
Sorry everyone was here earlier and had to leave for a patient issue but back and happy to talk more about dermatology efforts if helpful.
Barbara Erny
Thank you Paige W. Your department has done such a great job
paige wolstencroft
Thank you! That said, huge team effort and we have been so grateful to the work by anesthesiology, PM&R and others whose waste audits have been so inspirational and helpful to us!
Barbara Erny
great project to get educational signs over the disposal bins throughout the medical center. And way more compost bins.
Mark Keroles
Have to see a patient. Great discussion!
Barbara Erny
CleanMed is so inspirational!
paige wolstencroft
Also really worked on a CRHE slide deck and echo Claire that is a really cool way to get involved and connect with others doing similar work in your field at other institutions