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Codesharing is when an airline ticket is issued by one airline but operated by another. When a U.S. flag carrier leases seats on a foreign carrier and the ticketing code is from the U.S. airline, it meets the Fly America Act requirements. Any airline used by the U.S. airline as a codeshare is approved.For example:Delta Flight 6717 operated by Aeroflot Russian Airlines meets the requirements for Fly America Act.The same flight purchased as AEROFLOT Russian Airlines 107 does not meet Fly America Act requirements.An itinerary, invoice or boarding pass normally provides proof of codeshare. If there is no documentation showing the U.S. carrier code and flight number, the flight cannot be charged to SLAC DOE Funds.
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Travelers should arrive/depart a maximum of 24 hours before or after the businessactivity has been conducted. Additional time is considered personal unless justificationis received from the traveler such as significant total travel cost savings, and thejustification should be reviewed and approved by Travel@SLAC prior to the trip.A. Personal traveler points/miles applied to obtain amenities or upgrades shouldbe documented and attached to the expense report to show that SLAC fundswere not used. Personal traveler points/miles used to fund any part of businesstravel airfare, upgrade, or amenity will not be reimbursed as a businessexpense.B. Personal traveler points/miles are the responsibility of the traveler and are not
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reimbursable for any business travel made with the use of these points/miles.