Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research Colloquia - Shared screen with speaker view
John Graybeal (Stanford)
These scripts are being presented as written documents, presumably DMPTool can create this kind of written content from form entries?
John Graybeal (Stanford)
About that flow chart for determining where to deposit the data: It seems to be missing the potential value from depositing in multiple repositories. (It's marketing!)
Scott GK MacLeod
Thanks, and excellent, John.Some brainstorming out of the box questions: how would such NIH grants work with completely new forms of a depository such as a realistic virtual earth for STEM, and think Google Street View with time slider, Maps, Earth, TensorFlowAI, and with realistic avatar bots too, also at the cellular and molecular levels. So, if this Google Street View with time slider become a new kind of depository, and one could add a new way of digitizing a single molecule on a new chip / semiconductor, for example, made by Roswell, and posted by Harvard Prof of Genetics' George Church - https://twitter.com/geochurch/status/1489182297647636480 (https://twitter.com/WorldUnivAndSch/status/1489383134109917185 re #FilmTo3D App - https://twitter.com/sgkmacleod/status/1261073678566998017?s=20 - )- could one deposit data newly in Google Street View repository, conceptually (where one can already add photos and videos), with NIH datamanagrement plan, and with fundraising too?
Scott GK MacLeod
Creating this new Street View approach to data might facilitate new approaches to data from all 7, 139 known living languages, or at least Google's ~100 languages, and Wikipedia's 300 languages. Does the NIH think in terms of more than English?This could work with Stanford Google's Project Baseline, and even for tele-robotic surgery, with autonomous vehicles, and with the data for avatar bot electronic medical records, and even for neurosurgery, for example.Film to 3D App would digitize to 3D in new formats ... and potentially vast amounts of data ... at the Street View with time slider, cellular and atomic levels.And how would AI search (such as with Google search or other search) work in the current NIH plan. And could one develop such a Street View repository for NIH funding in new ways.
Scott GK MacLeod
And could Creative Commons’ licensing be applicable to NIH data sharing, as well as a hypothetical new Google Street View with time slider for electronic medical records’ depository.
Scott GK MacLeod
… and to integrate all these data in a new 3D visual interactive AI form, text in the sidebar of Google Street View repository?
Scott GK MacLeod
CC-0 including sell it … CC04 is non-commercial as its 3rd attribute, besides 1) sharing 2) adapting
John Graybeal (Stanford)
If you do publish in many of these repositories (esp. government repositories), it is de facto or de jure public data. So a CC license would be redundant and MORE restrictive in that case.
Scott GK MacLeod
Thanks, John and Jonathan, All!
Adam Miner
thanks! very helpful