Fertility and Family Planning - Shared screen with speaker view
Thank you so much for sharing your stories.
Caitlin Contag
It is incredibly meaningful to hear these stories and know that we’re not alone! Thank you so much
arghavan salles
Thank you for these comments!
shireen heidari
thank you for creating this space and sharing. appreciate you all speaking up about how important these conversations are.
arghavan salles
Thank you :)
Neda Kharrazi
I echo the sentiments above. Thank you all so much. This is so important, and I so appreciate your willingness to share your stories.
fang chen
Thank you for sharing your paths.
arghavan salles
Thank you :)
Anne Durstenfeld
Thank you all so much for sharing about all of your (incredibly personal) journeys. We need more women examples willing to share candidly about things they wish they had known earlier and bringing light to a taboo subject that so many women in medicine feel like they can’t talk about or ask for advice on for fear of judgment or career harm. And thank you Dr. Buesing for giving examples of how to advocate for ourselves and push for more awareness!
carmin powell
Thank you for sharing your stories. Can anyone speak to having a child if you’re single or non-traditional family planning
Justine Maller
thank you to all who shared their amazing and very personal journeys; this was very helpful and i so appreciate the opportunity to learn from you. i have to leave early for another meeting but if there is a mailing list for this group or something similar, would love to be included. thank you!!
Caitlin Contag
Dr. Mueller - I just went through an egg freezing cycle as a resident and I think this is perfect advice for how to make it work with your program
Wondering if any one in the group has knowledge about or experience with adoption from the US?
Also wondering people thoughts on finances of IVF / egg freezing, its so expensive and not covered by insurance.
Lesley Park
I know this is not an option for most, but if anyone is interested in international IVF, I’m happy to talk to you about my experience. The procedures in the UK are much more affordable, if you have about 2 weeks you can spend abroad. Stanford REI was very supportive in helping me with my baseline tests and then I traveled to the UK for the procedures (lesley.park@stanford.edu)
Joanna Wang
thank you all for sharing! How do you balance being a present parent while being successful at your work?
In case anyone needs more than a Yelp review, I’m currently patient at Stanford IVF and have had most of the procedures and worked with most of the doctors. My overall review is neutral, but feel free to email me acwat@stanford.edu if I can help.
kerriann casey
I wish this were a full day seminar! Thank you all for being incredibly open and honest - this has been so refreshing.
Yi Li
I am currently a new patient at Stanford, thanks so much for all your input. Did not realize how expensive it could be…
kim hoang
Thank you so much! I’m so grateful to hearing the stories and have this community for the support!
juliane lohmeyer
Thank you everyone for this powerful talk!