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Get the FACS | High Order, Hands On-Panel Design
In this webinar we will review the nuances of panel design by detailing the steps used to design a high order flow cytometry panel.

Learning Objectives:
• Demonstrate why having a formal question is the most important first step.
• Review the basic rules of panel design.
• Learn the process for pairing antigens with fluorochromes.
• Demonstrate how a panel on a full spectrum cytometer can translate to a traditional cytometer.
• Review titration data and learn how to pick the proper titration.
• Demonstrate the process of determining which single-color control (bead or cell) best works for the panel.
• Learn how to evaluate the complete panel.

Speakers: Lisa Nichols, PhD and Meredith Weglarz with the Stanford FACS Facility

The webinar is open and free to the Stanford and flow cytometry community.
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